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Pregnancy Mood Disorders

Are you struggling with constant fears and worries? Feeling more ‘down’ than usual or what is normal for you? You are not alone. Our pregnancy support sessions can help you:


  • Deal with the physical and emotional stressors you are experiencing
  • Work through previous pregnancy challenges or losses
  • Explore and resolve fears related to motherhood and birth

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Having a new baby can be a challenging time. Adjusting to the ways your family is changing can be stressful for everyone involved.


We offer support to women experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, or psychosis. During our time together, we explore how to:


  • Find ways to be the best mother you can be, despite emotional challenges
  • Develop resiliency and strength in motherhood and relationships
  • Identify coping skills and strategies for recovering from postpartum mood disorders

Individual Counseling

We are happy to meet with you individually to discuss your postpartum concerns. Babies are welcome, although we find that new Moms are able to concentrate more when they set aside time just for themselves.


Our time together focuses on:

  • Identifying self care strategies
  • Bonding with your children while living with mood disorders
  • Healing relationships and creating positive change in family life

Family Counseling

Pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders can have the potential to impact the whole family. Partners often find themselves feeling confused about the best way to help new Moms.


In our time with your family, we focus on:

  • Identifying strengths in your family unit and dynamics
  • Recognizing challenges in respectful and supportive ways
  • Developing a plan for moving forward together