Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth

Bring your baby into the world peacefully with music therapy assisted childbirth!

Let Somebody Know

Music therapy during pregnancy and birth helps you:

  • Bond with your baby by creating and listening to music
  • Strengthen your mind and body with relaxing & uplifting music experiences
  • Pair music with comfort measures and movements for birth

What type of support does this include?

  • Free Consultation & Review of Services (30 minutes)
  • Three (3) prenatal sessions
  • Complete birth philosophy & plan
  • Resource Guide ( pregnancy, labor, & postpartum resources)
  • Nightly Relaxation Session musical tools
  • Unlimited email, text, & phone support
  • 24 hours phone availability from 37 weeks until birth
  • Labor support: from active stage until 2 hours after delivery
  • Personalized care and coaching throughout each birthing stage
  • Specialized music experiences to positively enhance each stage of labor
  • Support and encouragement for your birth partner
  • Personalized, live music that celebrates your baby’s birth
  • Two (2) hours of postpartum support for you and your partner
  • Breastfeeding & newborn care guidance for you and your partner
  • Personalized musical experiences to enhance bonding for you & baby
  • One (1) postpartum session to reflect on birth experience
  • Musical support for breastfeeding & relaxation
  • Text & phone support for 3 weeks postpartum