Bereaved Families

Before Your Time of Loss

Let Somebody Know

Understanding Your Options

Learning that your pregnancy is going to come to an end can be a devastating and confusing time. Often times, decisions have to be made quickly, with little time to think about yourself or your baby.


We can help you think through which delivery options are the best fit for your family, regardless of which trimester you are in during the time of your loss.


Some of the things you may want help thinking through include:

  • Which type of procedure feels like the best fit for you
  • What type of role your partner can play throughout the passing of your baby
  • What types of meaningful moments you would like to create before or during your baby’s passing

Bonding With Your Baby

While it may sound counter-intuitive to bond with a baby that is passing through this life into another, we know that it can help the grief process tremendously.

We offer unique and sensitive support that helps Moms and partners bond with their baby through the use of:


  • Recording your baby’s heartbeat and setting it to music
  • Writing a personalized song for your baby
  • Reading or writing and story for your baby and then recording it

Individual and Family Counseling

It is quite common for couples to experience pregnancy and grief quite differently.  Sometimes, loss experiences can drive couples further apart.  We offer individual and family counseling to help Moms and their partners work through elements of their life together to help with:


  • Staying connected with your partner throughout stressful medical procedures
  • Keeping the lines of communication open throughout medical decision making
  • Identifying healthy ways to communicate with those around you