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FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxHeidi was a terrific, reassuring, calming supporter throughout my pregnancy, pre-labor, labor, delivery and postpartum period. Heidi radiates calm, comfort, caring, and knowledge. Heidi connected with my family immediately, and skillfully involved them in the whole process.


Heidi communicated with me regularly, and used many forms of communication (phone, email, text, etc). Heidi’s background in music therapy was an added bonus in my birth-preparation experience, and definitely made a difference during labor.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxHeidi provided excellent support during my labor and delivery in the hospital. She helped me remain calm and focused, and she helped me answer questions posed by the medical staff as they came up. The nurses were present so infrequently that I’m certain my husband and I would have really struggled to manage the labor without Heidi.


I’m so grateful for her presence and her expertise during the whole process. I highly recommend Heidi as a music therapist and doula! If I were going to have another baby I would engage Heidi as a doula again without hesitation. Thank you, Heidi!!!

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxHeidi was wonderful! Both my husband and I felt that having a third party, outside of the 2 of us, lended to a very positive birthing experience. She helped direct my husband when necessary and kept me calm and focused through out my labor! Being my first birth and having no idea what to expect, Heidi was the “familiar professional” we needed to make the birth and labor a calm and exciting process!

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxMy husband and I brought Heidi on to our birth plan and it was the best decision we ever made. Heidi’s care, compassion, and professionalism helped to make our experience calmer and happier. She stayed in constant contact with us; sharing information, music, and exercises to help us prepare for the birth of our child, breastfeeding, and care of our new baby. Heidi helped us to be less afraid and more excited about the birth process and when my birth plan had to change due to a c-section she continued to help us to cope with the change and transition.


The birth of our daughter was the most beautiful experience and Heidi was a critical part of making that happen. After the birth of our daughter, Heidi stayed with us and helped us settle into our hospital room, with the baby, and to help me to learn how to breastfeed. Heidi continued to stay in contact even after we went home with the baby and came up to us for our last visit where we were able to have closure of our entire pregnancy and birth experience.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxMy husband and I wanted the very most out of our birthing experience and thought a doula might be able to help with our journey. After meeting Heidi we knew we would be in the very best of hands. The connection we had with Heidi was apparent from the moment we met. intelligence, calmness, and compassion are just some of the few characteristics that describe Heidi.


She cared for us like She was part of the family and nurtured and guided us through and even after delivery. her knowledge and assistance with music therapy not only helped me with the birth of my son, but has given me calmness and serenity into my life, for which I am forever grateful.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxLabor with my first child was a pretty painful experience. When I was pregnant with my second and in the midst of my 3rd trimester, I started to panic. I became overwhelmed with anxiety as my due date grew closer, fearing my birth experience would be just as tough as the first time around. When I expressed this to my post partum doula she suggested I contact Heidi.

Before meeting Heidi, I had this preconception that birth doulas were all earthy crunchy (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) and non-supportive of moms deciding a completely natural, non-medicated birth wasn’t for them.


This stereotype didn’t ring true for Heidi. Not only is she completely professional and informative, she is relatable as well. My husband and I built an instant rapport with her and when I told her I was planning to get an epidural she was supportive and non-judgemental. Rather than talk me out of it, she gave me helpful tips to ensure my epidural would be as effective and long-lasting as possible. Heidi provided the calming, supportive presence I needed both during and leading up to my birth.


There was one tense moment in particular at the hospital which would’ve completely freaked me out if Heidi wasn’t there to reassure everything was going to be ok. In addition, before getting my epidural she had me engaged in certain movements and positions that helped make my contractions less painful.


I also can’t say enough great things about the music therapy, prenatal visits and relaxation exercises Heidi provides. All played a big role in combating my anxiety. The music was so calming and enjoyable to have at home and the hospital, not only for me and my husband but for the staff as well. The prenatal visits made me feel prepared and confident for the big day. The relaxation exercises helped me sleep better and were the perfect way to unwind each evening, distracting my mind from the fear. Thank you for all your support, Heidi!

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxMy experience with Heidi was not at all what we had planned, but it was a great experience, regardless. My husband and I had chosen Heidi for her music therapy background. My birth plan was to give birth as natural as possible and Heidi’s music background seemed like a great way to assist in distracting the mind.


Unfortunately, our little one had another plan and due to an emergency, I had to have a c-section 3 weeks early, which Heidi was not able to be present for. Not only was I 3 weeks early, but I had not even made it to my hospital of choice. I went into surgery so quickly from the time I had arrived at the hospital, that I had a baby in my arms in less than an hour. Once I was out of the operating room and in recovery, Heidi had already arrived. Heidi provided support for me through this very stressful and scary time.


I had a bit of a unique situation. I became aware of my pregnancy very late (at 21 weeks) and my husband and I also had just made a major move across country to be closer to family. Towards the end of my pregnancy there were some concerns about growth (which turned out to be nothing) but added stress to the situation. Heidi was amazing support throughout all of this. Her background in therapy provided professional insight into the emotional roller coaster I was experiencing. Her presence preceding the birth was such a relief. She was able to coordinate what I needed for the hospital, assisted in making my room as comfortable as possible, provided breastfeeding support that the nurses simply just don’t have time for and talked me through everything that just happened.


I believe that if I had not had this support, my experience would have been much harder. I am so grateful to have had Heidi by my side, even though it was not what was in my birth plan. I would recommend her to anyone seeking support for their labor.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxHeidi was an absolute treasure during my second pregnancy and birth. My first had been an unplanned C-section, and I very much wanted a VBAC because I’d have to go back to work quickly and didn’t think I’d be recovered from another C-section in time. I also have a medical condition that makes pregnancy and birth a bit risky for me, so I had some decisions to make late in pregnancy about my delivery.


Heidi provided me with resources and information to help make my decisions, and was totally supportive and non-judgmental. I ended up having a hospital VBAC with an epidural (which I was so happy with!), but she would’ve been equally present and supportive if I’d had a planned C-section, or a totally natural birth.

At the hospital, she was able to clarify for me some of the protocols and standard procedures medical staff were carrying out during labor. She provided me with guidance and comfort measures for pain before I got the epidural, and was so extremely helpful during the actual birth. She brought me ice chips for thirst, told me how to push instead of just cheering “Push! Push!” like the nurses were, and brought a sense of calm to the delivery room (medical staff, whether purposely or not, had instilled a sense of urgency, which was not helping me to relax and focus). Afterwards, my husband said how grateful he was that she was there to hold my legs during pushes so he could focus on being there for me emotionally. She also brought chocolate for the nurses!

In addition to being a certified doula, she is also a board certified music therapist. She provided music, physical exercises, and relaxation exercises to do during pregnancy, which were a nice treat for a tired, sore pregnant lady. Furthermore, those exercises were useful during labor, and the music set a tone for both us and the hospital staff. If we decide to have a third child, we’re definitely calling Heidi!

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxI can’t say enough good things about Heidi! After having a very difficult birth experience with my first, I decided I wanted to go a different route with my second. I was hoping for a natural, unmediated birth and thought a doula would help. My husband was hesitant about having another person in the delivery room, but said he was willing to meet a few doulas if it was important to me. We both knew Heidi was “the one” right after meeting her. She has such a warm and calming presence. She is incredibly professional and also easy to relate to. Our 2 prenatal sessions were wonderful. She gave me the confidence I needed going into my labor and delivery.


The music component is absolutely fantastic! I loved listening to the music she gave me during pregnancy and it will remain a wonderful memory of my pregnancy. Listening to the music during labor was exactly what I needed to remain calm and focused. My labor moved very fast (a huge change from last time!) and Heidi was at the hospital right away to support my husband and I. She set up my birth environment right away, which comforted me and made me feel safe. Her soft, calming, reassuring voice helped me focus during painful contractions.


She was so professional with the hospital staff and they seemed to enjoy her company as well. Heidi was so supportive throughout the entire process and I couldn’t be happier that she was there to welcome my sweet daughter into the world! I can’t imagine the experience without her. Anyone that chooses Heidi is in for an unforgettable experience. I truly can’t recommend her enough! She is a gift.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxAfter giving birth to my son, I can tell you Heidi is the only reason I was able to deliver naturally, not just because of her expertise, but because of who she is as a person. When we first interacted, she educated me and gave me confidence. She offered suggestions for bringing on labor and explained what I may experience when it began.


When labor commenced, she kept me calm and gave me a game plan. She was on call when I needed her. She was very poised when interacting with the medical professionals. She was careful not to “step on my physician’s toes” and never wavered as my personal advocate. She helped me understand the progress of my labor and the reason for medical suggestions. She allowed me to do what felt comfortable and assisted when my progress plateaued. She encouraged my husband by showing him supportive techniques and bolstered his confidence. She made it clear that she was not there to compete with him or detract from him as my primary birth partner but to assist both of us in the goal of enjoying the arrival of our baby.


No birth class or book could have prepared my husband and I for what would really prove invaluable during my labor, Heidi’s presence. She instituted breathing patterns; body positioning; counter pressure application, and constant positive, supportive feedback. She came armed with “tools of the trade”: ice packs, chapstick, hair ties, honey sticks, music, and, last but not least, her wonderful personality. After the birth of my son, Heidi made sure I was mentally and physically healthy and drove to visit with us.


She offered insight toward successfully establishing breastfeeding, and managing the overwhelming and exciting task of being a new mom. It is well worth the investment to have a doula present during your labor. Heidi charges a very fair rate for the amount of effort and experience she provides and it is thanks to her that I am truly proud of my delivery.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxHeidi is one-of-a-kind. She not only helped my wife but helped me help my wife. She made me look at our lives and birth journey with confidence. I love my wife now more than ever. Heidi gave her the confidence she needed to get through the birthing process. my wife had complications after our son was born and Heidi was our rock and there to support and provide comfort. I am forever grateful to her.
Heidi surpassed all of our hopes and expectations as a doula. She has experience, credibility, compassion, reliability, and empathy. All the things we were looking for in a doula.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxMy wife is a Music Therapist, and when she first introduced the idea of bringing in a Doula/Music Therapist for the birth of our daughter, I was hesitant. I just felt like it was going to be something else to think about, when we should be focused on the arrival of our first child. The whole thing was brand new to both of us, and I just wanted to keep things simplified. My wife explained the service to me in-depth, and aside the benefits of it, it really meant a lot to her, so I agreed to it.


We had our first appointment with Heidi a few months before the birth date, at our home, and it was a really great experience. She is extremely friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and proficient at what she does. She took a great deal of the stress and anxiety that my wife and I had, out of the equation through her entire agenda of activities. She also broke it all down, and told us everything to expect. Not to mention, it was also really fun, and brought my wife and I closer.


After our first appointment, she checked in frequently, as my wife had complications with the pregnancy, and even though our birth plan was drastically changed at the last minute, Heidi stayed with us, and helped both us both get oriented with our new baby. I am very happy that we were able to have Heidi and her services, and would recommend it to anyone. My highest recommendation to her is to say that if we decide to have more children, I would gladly welcome her back again.
Thank you for all your help Heidi!

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxWe had the fortunate opportunity to meet Heidi Lengel through the referral of our post-partum doula. During our consultation visit, we appreciated Heidi’s warm personality and the fact that she could incorporate music into the birth process to help all of us feel more relaxed during what was going to be a tense time.
After our consultation visit, Heidi coordinated a birth rehearsal where she demonstrated relaxation and support techniques I could use to help my wife during the birth. We were able to labor at home for the majority of our birth process and Heidi’s music playlist was a huge help in relaxing my wife.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxThe truth is, words are simply not enough to describe our experience with Heidi Lengel for the birth of our son. My advice is that your relationship with Heidi has to start with complete honesty. Soon to be (or current parents) need to understand that this is a partnership and not just a “fee for service.”


Heidi’s expertise in music therapy is truly unique and the more she learns about the mommy (and partner), the more she can tune into the emotions that may present themselves during this special time in your lives. Heidi is compassionate, sincere and has a gentle calm about her which was invaluable to my wife during her 50 plus hour labor.


When decisions had to be made, she had opinions and helped my wife and I make up our minds by facilitating an environment that was devoid of unnecessary stress / angst. To have someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Heidi in the Philadelphia area is not to be taken for granted. There are very few professionals in the country who have her credentials and we were blessed to be fortunate enough to have her be a part of our lives.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxIf you are looking for a doula to guide your through your pregnancy and be a pillar of support during labor, look no further.

Heidi is an amazing doula who, with her musical background, really gave me and my wife a fabulous pregnancy experience. Heidi provided insight on what was to come once my wife would go into labor, gave us music playlists for each element of the process and was really connected to our situation.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxI can’t praise Heidi enough – she does brilliant work. She is always professional and gives you that calming positive vibe that you need, especially on “the big day”. Heidi spent lots of time with us beforehand to help us prepare and educate us, especially about relaxation and pain relieving techniques, such as massage, breathing, body positions, etc.
If it weren’t for Heidi, during the middle of her labor my wife would have given up her plan for a non-medicated natural birth. At the height of her contractions, my wife started to say over and over that she wanted an epidural. If it weren’t for Heidi, I would have probably just went with it and told the nurse, “You heard her, she wants epidural now!” But this was one of those critical moments when Heidi would provide her invaluable assistance. She talked things through logically and in a calming way to my wife, assuring her that she really didn’t need the epidural and that she was already past all the worst contraction pains.


And sure enough, it turned out she was right. There’s no way my wife would have achieved her goal of a natural non-medicated childbirth without Heidi by our side.


Also during the labor process she showed me simple ways to help keep my wife as calm and comfortable as possible, such as rubbing her lower back, changing the music selection or volume, and holding and supporting a part of her body.
Even after birth, Heidi was invaluable. She was the one who took the first photo of me with the baby. What an amazing picture! It was taken just minutes after birth, such an amazing photo. Priceless! I noticed that as she was leaving the hospital that the nurses made the effort to stop her to let her know that they really liked her style.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxThe musical support that Heidi incorporates in her approach is a great help and really fun. You may think that music is just music but we found out that this is really not the case! The music playlists for the different stages are really so fitting. They helped my wife to relax when she needed to, helped her focus when we were doing our practice moves and simply brought a form of stability in what was to come.


Having the familiarity with the music also really helped my wife tremendously when she was going through her 80 hours of labor and birth.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxWe were very pleased and thankful for all of Heidi’s help with the birth of our first child.
Heidi was a very warm and calming presence leading up to and during the birth, which in turn made us far more calm and confident than we would have otherwise been.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxWe chose a natural path, which without Heidi’s guidance and support we most likely would have abandoned, and although we would have been comfortable with that, in retrospect we are glad we were able to stick to the original vision. Further, the multiple planning sessions really helped us feel calm and relaxed leading up to the labor (even though the actual labor was very different than what we planned for, which is what everyone tells you).


Especially if this is your first child, we highly recommend Heidi. Having her advocate for us in the delivery room, and get us in a great mental state before, during, and after, was priceless.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxHeidi’s follow-up visit at the hospital and our home were fantastic. She gave my wife some excellent breastfeeding tips and even helped us put some of our baby things together such as our monitor and demonstrated the proper use of the baby slings.

You can not go wrong incorporating Heidi Lengel into your birth process. She will make you feel confident before, during, and after this wonderful, but stressful experience. We were lucky to have found her and highly recommend utilizing her unique mix of services.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxMy husband and I contacted Heidi early in my pregnancy for her consultation services. She was so helpful in encouraging us to become empowered and know our options for the birth process and provided us with wonderful resources. I am passionate about using music in many areas of my life and Heidi provided us with playlists to use throughout the labor process. I am so happy to know that she has used her knowledge as a doula and as a music therapist to create playlists containing music that will be supportive in each stage of labor as well as after birth for bonding with baby. Thank you Heidi!

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxMy husband and I are expecting our first baby, and are so grateful to have had the opportunity to go through Heidi’s Birth Music Consultation services via Google Hangout. Even though we live 1,200 miles apart, Heidi’s warm presence, thoughtfulness and expertise was communicated throughout each consultation.

Heidi’s unique background as a music therapist and doula provided us with support and education that we did not receive in our childbirth class. She provided resources that supported my husband and I in exploring the emotional, physical and philosophical aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, which directly supported the development of our birth plan. She then was able to review our birth plan with us through the eyes of an experienced doula, helping us to feel confident about our decisions and how to communicate each important detail to our medical team.

Through these consultations, we also received access to an amazing series of Spotify playlists that are geared to support bonding during pregnancy and each stage of labor. My husband and I are both musicians, but we had been really struggling with figuring out what music would make sense for our birth playlist. It is so wonderful to have access to this music for our birth, knowing the playlists are designed specifically to meet me where I am at in each stage of labor.

One of the most helpful aspects of this consultation process was the labor rehearsal during our third session. This is where we put all the pieces together, from our birth plan to the music, comfort measures and labor positions. Heidi walked us through a birth scenario while we learned to time contractions, move into different labor positions, and explored different playlists to support the entire process.
We highly recommend Heidi’s Birth Music Consultation services! She has helped us to feel so much more confident about the birth of our first baby.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxI contacted Heidi on the day of my 41 week prenatal appointment. I was nervous about being pressured to induce and I wanted to get some information from her on pain management because I really wanted to avoid drugs and the medical intervention that often accompanies them. As it would turn out, I had to be induced because an ultrasound revealed that my fluid was low. Heidi walked me through the methods of induction they would probably try, given how dilated I was. She told me what I should ask for to help manage pain naturally and how I should handle contractions.


Practically everything she said came to pass and it was really nice having these expectations going in so that everything wasn’t a surprise. I would highly recommend Heidi- very encouraging, informative and most of all very caring about you.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxI am a Certified Childbirth Educator at The Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania & Heidi has been a huge asset in my classes. I have invited her over the years to present lectures on music therapy & comfort measures in labor. The parents adore her kind and caring personality. Heidi is extremely knowledgeable in caring for a women in labor. I would highly recommend her doula expertise.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxI attended Heidi’s presentation at the MARAMTA Regional Music Therapy Conference in March of 2016. The Title of this presentation was “Perinatal Trauma & The Music Therapist:Nurturing the Whole Self.” I really enjoyed this presentation and found it extremely informative. Heidi was engaging, friendly, and was very helpful when answering questions. All of her slides were explained fully, and I loved that she included examples of her own self-care routines in the presentation.

I especially found the “bubble” relaxation example to be useful since it is easy to get stressed out or too emotionally involved during sessions. I didn’t know much at all about music therapy with perinatal trauma going into this presentation, and Heidi explained it very well.

The pacing of the presentation was great and it was a much-needed reminder about the importance of self-care in music therapy.

FFS-Mark only-2-For Bullet-55pxHeidi was inspiring as a professional and leader in this field. Heidi is an MTACB rock star and is exactly the kind of person to learn from!